I know now that love is work
And staying in love is terribly difficult
I know I can care for people
But want nothing to do with them anymore…

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In a few months, some happenings will become daily activities in Nigeria: INEC setting up polling units; Corp members being trained for their upcoming roles as ad-hoc election officials; Persistent adverts {on billboards, flyers, merchandise, the rear of commercial vehicles, walls, poles, street lights, basically everywhere you can think of – they’d stick ’em in […]

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I always fell into water.
All alone into water that was never clear.
Deep, dark and mysterious – but not appealing in the handsome guy from a Harlequin novel typa way.

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So yesterday was my birthday. And my absence from the blog has been sickening. I felt this would be the perfect time to stage a comeback! Lol! đŸ˜‚ So let’s make this casual, here’s a little something I wrote yesterday but wasn’t free enough to post. And yes, please criticism needed. I’d like to read […]

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Not doing what you love, costs you. You feel sad, miserable and numb…. Like you’re failing at something you mastered long ago. 

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